This commercial sign project involved designing a modern commercial facility to house the "new" New Hope Clinic.

"The new facility in Boiling Spring Lakes will be nearly 4,000 square feet and have four medical exam rooms, two dental  treatment rooms and a sterilization room, a large pharmacy, four triage/exit rooms, three administrative/doctors' offices and a staff kitchen."

Sheila Roberts, Executive Director with New Hope Clinic, Inc.

The clinic's original basic medical care has now expanded  to include dental care, podiatry, orthopedic and chiropractic services, dermatology, diabetic counseling and mental health screening. They also have a pharmacy and pharmacy assistance program.

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  • 3976 Heated Sq. Ft.

  • Fully Handicap Accessible

  • Spacious Waiting Area

  • Reception/File Room

  • Two Unisex bathrooms

  • Employee Kitchen/ Bath

  • Storage Room

  • Conference Room

  • Six Private Offices for staff

  • 2 Triage Offices/Two Exit Offices

  • Two Dental Treatment Rooms

  • Dental Utility Rm/Work Closet

  • Four Medical Exam Rooms

  • RN Closet

  • Full Service Pharmacy