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SPECIAL DESIGN PROJECT                                 TP990610

Malcolm Register Town Park

Project Design Objective:   To create an aesthetically pleasing, fully handicap accessible, park facility that takes full advantage of the plentiful and varied beauties of nature afforded by the existing environment on this property.  We undertook this challenge and were able to create a nature center facility that is nestled 11 ft. up in the trees right in the middle of the forest.  It is surrounded by 120 ft. of wraparound, handicap friendly ramps and restful viewing platforms that provide visitors with waterside views of the Intracoastal Waterway while enjoying the flora, fauna, and animal/insect communities that abound.  The handicap friendly restroom facilities, like the nature center building, are designed with materials that blend with the natural surrounds.  As a result of thoughtful planning, this objective was met without having to remove even one tree!

 Relax, learn and play…

Register Park is located overlooking the serene marsh and the busy Intracoastal Waterway on the northern coast of Oak Island.  An extensive T-shaped pier and sheltered Picnic Area are provided to allow visitors to take full advantage of the scenic views while sport fishing or enjoying a quiet meal.


The Nature Center, which is fully handicap accessible, provides a multitude of opportunities to explore local surroundings. 


Stroll through the Talking Trees Walking Trail and visit local flora and fauna both in-person and interactively.  Thanks to an interactive trail program, you merely push a button on the plaque provided in front of a tree and you can listen to a description of their species.


Relax on a strategically placed park bench within the continually active Butterfly Garden.  Enjoy the sounds of the fountain, the beautiful flowering plants, and watch the many species of butterflies that dance around the blooms. Pretty butterfly houses are strategically placed to encourage continued nesting in this area.


Adults and children alike will love the up-close look at the environment that is available inside the Nature Center building.  There are educational exhibits, live animal displays, and of course, binoculars to get a close-up view.  Special programs and classes are available.


Separate restroom facilities are provided on the premises and are fully handicap accessible. 

The Nature Center at Malcolm Register Park is situated at the end of 52nd Street at the intersection of Yacht Drive on beautiful Oak Island.  On-site parking is available both at the Park and across the street.  Hours of operation are seasonal.

For information call (910) 201-1392.




Site: 72,069 Sq.Ft.     =     1.660 Acres


Width:   56'6"                    Depth:   43'8" Foundation:  Pilings


Width:   22'0"                     Depth: 32'8" Foundation:  Pilings